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Singapore Press Holdings Foundation Celebrates 10th anniversary

Singapore, 22 May 2013 – Singapore Press Holdings Foundation (SPH Foundation) marks its 10th anniversary this year with a new adoption at the River Safari and a series of exciting programmes.

A registered charity and an Institution of Public Character, SPH Foundation was first set up as the Press Foundation of Singapore in January 2003 and renamed Singapore Press Holdings Foundation in May 2005. Its aim is to help build a lifelong learning community that embraces language enrichment, creativity, diversity, healthy living and sports. Since its inception, it has given more than $12 million to a wide variety of worthy causes in the areas of education, charity, arts and culture, nature and conservation, community and sports.

Dr Lee Boon Yang, Chairman of SPH Foundation, says: "Over the past 10 years, we have helped a variety of causes and served many needs. We are the trailblazers in a number of creative initiatives, such as the SPH Foundation Arts Fund that benefits both the arts and charity sectors, and the Special Projects to Understand Nature (SUN) Club visits to enable special needs students to get close to nature. We were among the firsts to award bond-free scholarships to needy language students. We have also established a first-mover advantage by championing emerging sports like tchoukball, which is fast gaining popularity among primary school students. SPH Foundation will continue to look out for opportunities to transform and improve lives in the next decade and beyond."

Some highlights of the anniversary's events include:

  • Amazon Flooded Forest and Annual Charity Cheque Presentation (29 May)

SPH Foundation is the proud adopter of River Safari's Amazon Flooded Forest, which showcases the annual flooding of the South American rainforest created during the rainy season. The exhibit is home to the world's largest freshwater aquarium designed to provide visitors with an immersive underwater experience where manatees, arapaimas and other aquatic wildlife swim amongst giant trees.

Dr Lee will officially launch the exhibit on 29 May as SPH Foundation's anniversary gift to Singapore.

At the same time, he will present $200,000 to 10 charities serving needy children and youths as part of SPH Foundation's annual charity cheque presentation. Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) will donate another $200,000 to 10 charities serving the elderly at the same event.

More than 50 beneficiaries and their caregivers, as well as representatives from Community Chest, will be invited to witness the event and tour the new park.

  • Inuka at Frozen Tundra (29 May)

Besides the Amazon Flooded Forest, SPH Foundation is also the long-time sponsor of the High Flyers Show at Jurong Bird Park, the Proboscis Monkey Exhibit at SPH Foundation Conservation Centre in Singapore Zoo, as well as the proud adoptor of Singapore's well-loved polar bear, Inuka.

After three years away from the public eye, the Singapore Zoo will be re-introducing Inuka ahead of the June school holidays. Inuka's new home in the Frozen Tundra will be more than four times the size of his previous exhibit. His new neighbours will be the wolverines and tanukis (raccoon dogs). Dr Lee will be launching the exhibit at the Singapore zoo on 29 May.
  • YOUth Write (31 May)

Besides charity and conservation, SPH Foundation is also a keen supporter of arts and education. In celebration of its 10th anniversary, it has launched a creative writing competition called YOUth Write in collaboration with IN, a student publication by The Straits Times, to encourage secondary school students to excel in writing.

The nationwide competition was launched in March and attracted close to 1,000 entries. To participate, students were required to submit an essay of between 400 and 500 words based on the theme of how they can make a difference in Singapore.

The results will be announced at an awards presentation ceremony on 31 May at SPH News Centre auditorium. The school that is represented the most within the top 50 entries will also receive a trophy.

  • Lim Kim San Memorial Scholarships extended to humanities students (19 July)

SPH Foundation gives out the Lim Kim San Memorial Scholarships to Singaporeans from low-income families studying languages in local universities. Since 2006, the bond-free scholarships have been awarded to 43 recipients.

For the first time this year, to cast the net wider to help more deserving students, the Scholarships will be extended to local undergraduates reading humanities as well. This year's scholarship recipients will be announced at a ceremony on 19 July.

Other Worthy Causes

SPH Foundation also supports sports activities like the SPH Foundation Inter Primary School Tchoukball Championships in April and November, and the SPH Foundation National Para-Swimming Championship for the disabled in September.

The SPH Foundation Arts Fund, which was launched in 2011, will treat over 1,000 beneficiaries from different charities to quality arts performances by six local arts groups this year.

About 300 disabled and special needs students will visit Singapore's parks with the help of National Parks Board, as part of SPH Foundation's SUN Club programme throughout 2013.

SPH Foundation is also the presenting sponsor of The Straits Times-MOE National Current Affairs Quiz in July. It helps students from junior colleges, International Baccalaureate Schools and the Centralised Institute raise their awareness of current affairs.

A full list of SPH Foundation's activities can be found on


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About the Singapore Press Holdings Foundation

The Singapore Press Holdings Foundation, a registered charity and an Institution of Public Character, was first set up as the Press Foundation of Singapore in January 2003 to help build a lifelong learning community that embraces language enrichment, creativity, diversity, healthy living and sports. The seed contribution of $20 million to the Foundation came from media group Singapore Press Holdings Ltd. It was renamed Singapore Press Holdings Foundation in May 2005. 

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