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Lest We Forget A Straits Times photo exhibition to remember the tsunami victims

SINGAPORE, 22 February 2005 - On 26 December 2004, a monstrous Sumatran earthquake triggered a tsunami that wiped out tens of thousands of lives and communities along the shores of the Indian Ocean.

The giant killer waves swept across Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India and even as far away as Africa, causing massive destruction.

Now, two months after the disaster, which sparked a global outpouring of sympathy and aid, the relief focus in the devastated areas has moved to rebuilding broken lives and getting economies back on track.

In memory of the tsunami victims and as a tribute to all those who lost loved ones and friends to the disaster and are still grappling with the aftermath of the disaster, The Straits Times will hold a photo exhibition, Lest We Forget, to share images of the tragedy with the public.

The photographs, captured by 11 Straits Times photojournalists, portray the horror of death and the resilence of the human spirit in the ravaged zones.

Says Straits Times editor Han Fook Kwang: "This is one for the record. To remember the dead and the injured, and those who survived, and who were heroic in their response. The photographs say it all, taken by some of the best photojournalists in The Straits Times who witnessed it all."

At the exhibition, members of the public can also find out more about Operation Hope, a non-charitable organisation which is raising funds to build orphanages in tsunami-stricken countries.

The exhibition opens at noon on 25 Feb at Paragon at Orchard Road, and will run till 27 Feb. It features 54 photos, all printed by courtesy of FotoHub.

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