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Hunt in The Straits Times to Win a Car!

Singapore, June 29, 2005 - Come July 15th 2005, The Straits Times will celebrate its 160th birthday, and as part of the lead up to its birthday, the newspaper is organising a contest that will see one lucky reader driving off in a sporty Mazda6 2.3 VVT DSC 4dr sedan (worth $85,988, without COE, Insurance and Road Tax) as the winner of The Straits Times’ 160th Anniversary Car Hunt.

Before they get a chance to win the coveted Mazda6, readers first need to solve a riddle.

From July 1 till 15, there will be certain alphabets hidden each day within pages of The Straits Times and readers will have to hunt for them, cut them out and keep them. Each of these letters is tagged with the ST 160th anniversary logo and is about the size of a thumbnail.

On July 16, a giant word puzzle will be published in The Straits Times. Readers will need to stick the alphabets on the blank spaces in the puzzle. The completed puzzle will form a riddle which when solved with lead to where the Mazda6 is on display. Readers must personally drop their completed entries at this location between 9am and 11.45am on July 16 and be present for the live draw that will be conducted at noon on the same day.

All correct entries will be eligible for a lucky draw. The winner will walk away with the Mazda6, sponsored by Mazda Motor (Singapore) Pte Ltd. Ten other winners will each receive a $160 cash prize.

Said Mr James Heng, Executive Vice-President (Product Development and Branding, Singapore Press Holdings’ Marketing Division): "The car could be within a housing estate, in the heart of the city where the shopping malls are, or in a park. This car hunt borrows the concept of a treasure hunt, but without the physical hunting. Having the hunt within the pages will enable more people to participate from the comfort of their home."

Issued by Singapore Press Holdings Ltd
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For more information, please contact:

Danny Yeo
Senior Manager, Branding and Promotions
PDB, Marketing Division
DID: 6319 2344

Grace Quek
Assistant Promotions Manager
PDB, Marketing Division
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