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Press statement on Nielsen Media Research findings

SINGAPORE, 14 OCT 2005 – In response to media queries on the latest media survey conducted by Nielsen Media Research, Singapore Press Holdings has issued the following statement :

SPH is pleased to note that the results have reaffirmed the extensive reach and influence of our newspapers. We are especially glad that The Straits Times continues to be the most widely read newspaper in Singapore, reaching over 1.3 million readers each day. The slight statistical drop in its readership of one percentage point is not unexpected in light of the fact that the cover price of The Straits Times rose by 33 per cent last year to cover newsprint costs.

Every newspaper in the world that raises its cover price will lose some readers, and this is borne out by the performance of The Business Times, which held its cover price steady and saw its circulation rise 6.7 per cent. SPH´s latest surveys show that circulation of The Straits Times increased in September 2005 by 1.5 per cent to 379,142 over the same month last year.

In respect of The New Paper, as Nielsen Media Research correctly points out, many people read The New Paper for its comprehensive sports coverage. This was reflected in the paper´s high readership figures last year when the Euro 2004 football championship was held. SPH´s own research is consistent with Nielsen Media Research´s findings that the lack of a similar huge scale event this year, led to a slight drop in readership for The New Paper. In addition, The New Paper also raised its cover price, which contributed to a slight but expected drop in readership.

Mr Cheong Yip Seng, the Editor-in-Chief of the English and Malay Newspaper Division, said The New Paper, like The Straits Times, is recovering quickly its lost sales, thanks to on-going editorial improvements that have drawn back readers. Last month, the paper´s circulation rose 2.5 per cent to over 111,000 compared to the same period last year.

Mr Cheong added it made no sense comparing paid newspapers with freesheets like Today.

“It´s like comparing apples with oranges. Paid newspapers subject themselves every day to the verdict of the marketplace. Readers of The New Paper, for example, pay 70 cents for the paper. It would be interesting if a freesheet is similarly market-tested.””

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