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Polar Bear Inuka Turns 10!

The Zoo & Singapore Press Holdings throw a Birthday Bash for the ONLY polar bear born and bred in the Tropics!

2 December 2000, Saturday - The Singapore Zoo, together with Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), will be throwing a big birthday bash on 17 December 2000 for the first and only polar bear born and bred in the tropics as it turns 10 this December. Everyone is invited!

Inuka, who is Singapore’s pride and joy as the only successful polar bear birth in the tropics, was born on 26 December 1990. This was yet another testimony of Zoo’s highly successful breeding programme and arguably one of the most popular and recognizable stars of the Zoo. Inuka has graced the covers of countless wildlife magazines.

SPH has been its proud foster parent for the past 10 years. His 10th birthday party will include games, special feeding programmes and a cake cutting ceremony. Guests can also be amused by Inuka and his humourous antics as he tries to find his fruit frozen in his Giant Ice Birthday Cake.

The first 200 guests will enter the Zoo free with cut-out coupons from the advertisements in The Straits Times/The Sunday Times, Lianhe Zaobao, The New Paper on Sunday and Streats. The other guests will receive 25% discount off the admission fee with the cut-out coupon. Each coupon is entitled for entry of five persons.

Inuka was born to father Nanook and mother Sheba. His birth made front-line news during the festive season and fellow Singaporeans shared this joy by helping the Zoo name the new-born. Out of the 390 names that were suggested, Inuka, an Inuit (an Eskimo tribe) name, which means ’foreboding strength’ was chosen. However, father Nanook (which means ’fearless one’) passed away in December 1995. Inuka now stays in the enclosure with mother Sheba.

The 450kg juvenile is known to have an insatiable appetite for fish, bread loaves and fruits. During feeding times - being the juvenile that he is - he is known to snatch food greedily from mother Sheba, who usually gives in to her only boy. Keepers have also termed Inuka as ’obedient’, as he would do anything - from jumping, ringing a bell, waving and even dancing - for a bite of its favourite food. Still a child, Inuka still suckles from Sheba on most mornings.

Inuka is another living icon who represents the Singapore Zoo and to share this joy with the public once again - reminiscent of its naming contest 10 years ago - EVERYONE is cordially invited to partake in this grand and mega-scale birthday carnival on 17 December, Sunday at the Singapore Zoo.

Teeming with activities, contests and games, it will be a birthday bash befitting only a star like him. Guests will also get to see Inuka - and marvel at how large he has grown - alongside mother Sheba.

The party is free and gifts from members of the public are more than welcome. Normal admission and other charges to the Zoo apply.